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learn why we are so proud of our program

At songs for seeds, we're passionate about nurturing your child's growth through the power of music and play. Our program is carefully crafted based on scientific research to boost your child's confidence, social, and cognitive skills. The best part? They're having an absolute blast, completely unaware they're soaking up knowledge and skills along the way

what we believe

"Named "Best Kids' Music Class” by New York Magazine and “Most Magical Music Class” by Red Tricycle, songs for seeds is a weekly interactive class that encourages children, newborn to 5 years old, to sing, dance and play along with their grown up AND very own rockstar teacher. Kids rock out with children's instruments, as well as a real guitar and instruments from around the world. Our teacher/musicians take students on a musical journey each week through a series of engaging activities. Your kids will experience music and language from cultures around the globe, help create magnetic art murals during a sing-along of well-known nursery rhymes, be amazed and delighted by magic tricks that are used to practice numbers and counting and get fully engaged in a silly game that reinforces the names and sounds of animals. By mixing our original kids rock 'n' roll with popular tunes, the band is sure to please little ones and their adults. It is sure to become your favorite time with your child all week. Join the fun!"

parents love songs for seeds too!

more than music

songs for seeds is not only about the music (although our music really rocks). At songs for seeds we engage kids all while laying the foundation of early childhood education through musical activities. In each songs for seeds class your child will hear music from a different region of the world, be exposed to a variety of rhythm patterns and be given the opportunity and space to experiment with singing and playing real instruments. We reinforce their knowledge of colors and shapes, focus on single digit numbers and practice counting. Additionally, we highlight animal recognition through animated impressions of their sounds and movements. Most importantly, in songs for seeds, we play and have fun. Get ready for your favorite time of the week!

numbers and counting
picture a song
animal wheel
music of the world
sing with the band
repetition and play
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