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songs for seeds

not in class? doesn't mean the rockin' has to stop

Step into our music world, where every class leaves you and your child feeling brighter, sharper, and happier! With our curated playlists on Apple and Spotify, the magic of songs for seeds follows you wherever you go. Dive into our evidence-backed approach and experience the joy firsthand. Give it a read, give us a listen, and let the melodies work their magic!

want to listen on the go?

rockin music

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why music matters for your child

“Education isn’t just about feeding the brain. Art and music feed the heart and soul."
Julie Garwood

Social Skills
Experience the proven benefits of our children's music classes in fostering confidence and social skills. Research shows that engaging with music enhances children's self-esteem and assertiveness. Through interactive activities and collaborative experiences, our expert instructors empower children to express themselves confidently and authentically. In our inclusive environment, kids not only learn to communicate effectively but also develop empathy and interpersonal skills, crucial for navigating social interactions. Join our community and witness your child's transformation into a confident communicator and empathetic collaborator!

Music and movement promote cognitive growth and songs for seeds takes that to the next level with our program, scientifically crafted to stimulate young minds. Studies consistently show that music integration in education enhances cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and problem-solving. Under the guidance of experienced educators, our dynamic curriculum encourages children to explore, create, and innovate, nurturing critical thinking and creativity. Witness the transformative power of music as it becomes the catalyst for your child's cognitive development. Lay the foundation for lifelong learning and unlock your child's full potential with us today!

Unleash your child's boundless creativity through the enchanting world of music with our captivating children's music classes. Our innovative curriculum ignites imagination and fosters creative expression through rhythmic exploration, sing alongs, and improvisation. Led by our awesome instructors, our classes provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to think outside the box, express themselves, and unleash their unique artistic self. Join our vibrant community and witness your child's creativity soar as they learn through play. Let music be the muse for your child's limitless imagination and watch their creativity flourish with every class. 


Elevate your child's confidence through the transformative power of music classes! Listening to music isn't just about notes; it's about cultivating a sense of achievement and self-assurance. As children conquer new skills, they experience firsthand the thrill of accomplishment, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. In our nurturing musical environment, children find solace in expressing their emotions and innermost feelings through the universal language of melody, fostering emotional resilience and self-expression. Join us as we empower your child to stand tall, express themselves boldly, and embrace their unique musical journey with unwavering confidence!


Beyond learning, music infuses joy into every moment, transforming the educational journey into an exciting adventure. From soothing melodies to upbeat rhythms, songs become companions in lifting spirits and creating cherished family moments filled with laughter and dance. Through music, children navigate the vast landscape of emotions, finding solace and understanding in the lyrics and melodies of their favorite tunes. As a natural stress-reliever, music offers a sanctuary from anxiety, calming the mind and body with its therapeutic effects. Dive into the symphony of happiness and watch as music becomes the key to unlocking you and your child's happiest moments!


Problem Solving
Embark on a musical journey where problem-solving becomes a harmonious adventure! Through rhythmic movement, children hone essential problem-solving skills, mastering timing and multitasking as they clap and tap along with the music. Music serves as a powerful ally in memory enhancement, fortifying the brain's corpus callosum—the bridge between hemispheres—facilitating mood regulation and emotional intelligence. Early exposure to musical instruments fosters lifelong neuroplasticity, empowering children with adaptable problem-solving abilities that endure throughout their lives. 

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